Ever felt the urge to look for another video to watch while watching a video?  Fortunately for those of you who enjoy watching YouTube videos on your phone, it is now possible.

The latest update to the Android and iPhone YouTube apps allow the user to drag the video they are watching into the corner to allow you to continue watching a video while searching for another video.

Sounds like a great idea, right?

It is, however the feature only works when you are searching for another video and not to watch two videos at the same time, for those of you who wish to watch two videos simultaneously...

And some reviews of YouTube app update haven't been the most positive.

The Los Angeles Times' Salvador Rodriguez wrote that while the feature is cool, it would have been better if users could save the videos they found in this feature into a queue folder to watch later.

Other minor changes made to the app include a refreshed user interface, more prominent like and dislike buttons.

To see the changes, update your YouTube app on your Android or iPhone.  The app is not yet available on Windows 8 Phones.