Barksdale AFB is hosting a luncheon for World War II veterans, our nation’s greatest generation. It will be at Hoban Hall on Friday 24 February at 11 am with much military pageantry including WW II veterans led by a bagpiper thru the Cordon of Swords. It is planned for the veteran to get a special designed WW II coin, cap and “T” shirt. The event is being hosted by Col Steve dePyssler, USAF, retired, Director Retiree Activities, BAFB and WW II veteran.

 The average age of the veteran still living is 87 so for many it may be

the last time they will be able to attend a WW II event. The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs estimates that 740 WW II veterans are dying every day, and that of the 16.1 million who served has dwindled to only 1.7 million. The VA predicts the last WW II veteran will die in 2036.

 There will be no problem for handicapped veterans as there will be carts from parking to Hoban Hall and ushers to help with seating.

 Invitations have been mailed to 1,040 WW II veterans. If you did not get an invitation send request as follows: e-mail: FAX:318-456-3520 or voice: 318-456-4480 or 318-456--5976

 One of the greatest gifts you can do is to take a WW II veteran to what may be his last WW II Event. If you know a WW II veteran send your request for the invitation and take the WW II vet to the luncheon