Welcome to the gun range, where it is more than just fun and games.  It's also about safety and learning proper technique.  But it's not much of a jungle.  It was Gun Appreciation Day and I had the opportunity to spend the morning with some guns at a gun range.  Not anything unusual, besides the fact this was my first time using a gun.

As a former New Yorker and a New Hampshirite (yes, that is the proper term), you would think that at some point I would have gone shooting.  But neither in the state now home of the nation's strictest gun laws nor in the state that lives by the libertarian motto "Live Free or Die" did I get my hands on a gun.  I have nothing against guns, just never got to use one.  So, I decided to give it my first go on Gun Appreciation Day courtesy of John Long and the folks at Long Range Alley Gun Club in Grand Cane.  How did it go?  Not bad.  I tried a bunch of different weapons: handguns, shotguns, semi-automatic rifles, and even a couple automatic rifles.  My favorite: a good ol' Thompson.  It was a good experience, but I'll stick with interviewing politicians and writing on 710KEEL.com.