Despite President Barack Obama admitting the launch of the Obamacare website was fumbled and he will allow citizens to keep their insurance plans, Senator David Vitter says there are still deep issues with Obamacare.

"President Obama's promise 'if you like the plan, yeah, you can keep it,' that prohibition that stopped that really goes to the core of the program," Vitter told KEEL News.  "So, we need to go and revisit all of that."

The president announced today that 'non-compliant' health insurance policies will be allowed to be sold in 2014 after the floods of complaints from constituents who got letters saying they are losing their policies.

Mr. Obama has said that those losing their current policies would benefit from the health care exchange.

Senator Vitter wants to make sure all federal politicians are not exempted from the healthcare exchanges.

The NSA has not been forgotten

With the hoopla around Obamacare, some may be concerned attention has been taken away from NSA snooping allegations.  Senator Vitter says not to worry.

"It's not being swept under the rug in Washington," Vitter commented.  "Appropriately, there is a lot of continuing discussion and high-level and even classified briefings about it."

The Louisiana Republican told KEEL News these briefings are being held to determine what changes need to be made.

"I think you are going to see reforms to that program at the very minimum," said Vitter.