Amanda Currier

Ever had the curiosity of figuring out what some of our community and state names mean?  Then there is a map for you!

The map, called the Atlas of True Names USA, is an unofficial look at the meaning of the names of cities and states all across the country.

According to the map, Louisiana means 'The Land of the Famous Warrior' while Arkansas means 'South Wind People's Land' and Texas means 'Land of Friends'.

One interesting note is that Kansas also means 'South Wind People's Land'.

And our local cities?

Shreveport means Sheriff's Port, according to the map.

Texarkana is 'Land of Friends and South Wind People'.

Monroe is 'Man from the Red River'.

Baton Rouge is 'Red Stick'.

Alexandria is 'Men Defender's Town'.

National and International names

Some other interesting names across the United States of 'The Home Ruler' and abroad include our neighbors, the hockey-loving 'Land of Settlement' to our north and our southern neighbors, 'Navel of the Moon'.

If you plan to fly to Europe, you'll be flying over the 'World Stream by the Mountains of Mountains'.  Or, if Asia or Australia is your destination, you'll have to travel over the 'Peaceful World Stream'.

Where is the President from?  Illinois, or the 'Land of those who speak normally'.  He also grew up in Hawaii, or the 'Island of the Gods'.

Maybe you have some family in Des Moines.  That city is located in the 'Land of the pale faces'.

Check out the maps for yourself for some other fun names of places across America!