Does anybody enjoy air travel anymore? Between the lengthy - and sometimes intrusive - security checks to being packed in like sardines, it seems that for most Americans flying has become something of a necessary nuisance.

That being said, the travel experts at Conde Nast have put together a list of America's top ten airports. Not that they make flying fun, but at least these places go out of their way to make it far less bothersome.

10) JFK International, NYC

9) San Francisco Interntional

8) Los Angeles International

7) Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County

6) Dallas / Fort Worth International

5) Chicago O'Hare International

4) Logan International , Boston

3) Seattle - Tacoma International

2) Minneapolis - St. Paul International

1) Hartsfield - Jackson International , Atlanta

For a detailed look at each of the top 10 airports and why they were selected, JUST CLICK HERE!