Throwing cigarette butts from vehicles is out of control in the state of Louisiana, and one state lawmaker has had enough.

"It's just the no. 1 litter problem in the United States and in the state of Louisiana," said Rep. Pat Connick (R-La.), author of a bill which would target violators with some stiff fines, starting at $300, for the first violation.

"I think some don't care," he said. "I think most don't realize what they're doing is littering, and these things don't go away. They build up in storm drains and they clog up stuff. It's unsightly and hopefully this law will make a difference."

Under Connick's bill, the schedule of fines: $300 first offense, $700 for the seconds, the third offense would cost $1500 and the violators drivers license for one year. All fines include community service, in addition to the monetary fine.

The bill passed the Senate and returned to the Congress due to some added amendments that added cigars, and plastic tips from cigars and cigarillos.

[via WGNO]