More than 3,000 people...a line that stretched out the door and around the corner.  People of all types, applying for a variety of positions. That was the scene yesterday at the Bossier Civic Center, for the Margaritaville Jobs Fair.  Some of the folks waiting in line had been there for hours in the cold, waiting for their shot at an interview. 

Several people I talked with said they were amazed at the turnout.  And many expected to be waiting for hours to get in the door.  One woman I talked with said she'd been there for nearly an hour...and she was close to the middle of the line. 

Some applicants were looking for dealer jobs, others wanted security, food service and maintenance jobs.  If you want to see what positions are available, visit Margaritaville's website.

We'll be bringing you more details on how the job fair went later today, so tune in to 710 KEEL for that info.