It's springtime, and that means that the bluebonnets are in full bloom, especially just across our border to the east in the great state of Texas. But, as hundreds of thousands of the little blue flowers open in full bloom, almost as many natives of the Lone Star State are squatting over them and posing for photos!

Yes, it's Texas' newest tradition, or at least craze, and it's called 'pooping on bluebonnets'...and now it even has its own website! Thousands of folks posing for pictures while bending over the bluebonnets, pretending to, well, you know, then posting these shots on a variety of websites.

So, if you'd like to see a few more of these proud Texans in their compromising position, JUST CLICK HERE. And in the meantime, take pride in our own state of Louisiana, where, thankfully, we seldom take photos of ourselves, well, you know, on anything.