Although crime statistics change annually within each city, certain cities always rank high when it comes to how dangerous it is to live there. With the release of the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s annual report on crime, there are a couple of new spots on the list.

Results were determined by a cumulative point system that took into consideration violent crime (murder, armed robbery, rape, etc.), drug use, poverty, unemployment and education, i.e., the dropout rate).

Louisiana completely avoided the list, though southern state Alabama made it.

Here are the 10 most dangerous cities in the USA according to the latest statistics.

10) Birmingham, Alabama

9) Bridgeport, Connecticut

8) Newark, New Jersey

7) Gary, Indiana

6) Cleveland, Ohio

5) St. Louis, Missouri

4) Oakland, California

3) Detroit, Michigan

2) Flint, Michigan

1) Camden, New Jersey

[via CNN]