Power Crews Converge on Shreveport-Bossier
Crews have converged in our region to help restore power knocked out over the weekend. We spotted more than 20 trucks staging in the WalMart parking lot in West Shreveport early today. This morning there are still more than 55-hundred homes without power
SWEPCO Urges Kite-Flying Safety
The weather's warming up and that means we'll soon be seeing more kite-flying. But Southwestern Electric Power Company is reminding area residents that metallic coatings on Mylar helium balloons and on kites can cause power losses and even damage SWEPCO's electrical grid.
UPDATE: Power Outages After Thunder Storms Number in Thousands
Strong thunderstorms blew through Shreveport Bossier at about 12:30am Thursday morning moving East across Northeast Texas and Northwest Louisiana with strong wind gusts reaching 35mph. At 3:00am Swepco.com reports outages for Caddo Parish numbering at 20,125 with Bossier at around 9,500...
A Familiar Culprit Causes a Power Outage
It's happened again...about 2800 SWEPCO customers in the 9000 block of Mansfield Road were without power for a little while this morning. The culprit? Mylar balloons stuck in a power line. Utility company spokesman Scott McCloud says this has happened before to the Williamson Way circuits...

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