Fired Professor Brings Lawsuit Against LSU
Where do the rights of a professor end and the rights of a student begin? Are educators supposed to teach for real world situations or are they highly educated baby sitters? A fired LSU professor is taking the issue to court.
Nashville Reporter Disses LSU Fans… Or Does He [VIDEO]
The Music City Bowl hosted in Nashville doesn't kick off until tomorrow between LSU and Notre Dame, but the trash talking has already begun, starting most publicly (allegedly) by a reporter for NBC in Nashville who remarked that, 'LSU should just go home...
Couple Falls While Making Out at the LSU Game
This is just gold.
Purple & gold that is.
We have two love birds in Tiger Stadium that decided the game was cool, but making out would be much cooler.
That's when things really went down.
We haven't confirmed if alcohol was involved or not.

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