Five Signs Christmas is Here Too Early
When you think of December 25th as Christmas, will it stay Christmas for long? Christmas time isn't Christmas time anymore. Below are five signs I've noticed that show that Christmas is here too early.
Top 5 Tips for a Healthier Holiday
Between all the pies, cookies, Christmas hams and latkes – it is easy to gorge on food during the holiday season. But you shouldn’t let the holiday season be a time to overindulge. Here are some tips so you can have a healthier holiday season.
Tips for a Safe Holiday Journey
If you haven’t already gotten on the road to celebrate the holidays with friends and family – or run away from them – here are a few safety tips to make your holiday season a happy and secure one.
Memorial Day Closures
City administrative offices in Shreveport and Bossier City closed for today's Memorial Day holiday. Residential trash pick-up in both cities is shifting a day. Today's trash will be picked up tomorrow, tomorrow's will be picked up Wednesday, and Thursday and Friday's remain uncha…