NYC Restaurant Eliminates Tips for Servers
Have you ever gone to a restaurant and agonized over how much of a tip to leave? Well, an eatery in New York City has decided to save you the trouble by completely eliminating tips and paying staff salary plus benefits instead.
NASA Looking For Travel-Friendly Foods
May sound a bit like science fiction or some dream of the future, but the University of Hawaii at Manoa and Cornell University are looking to make a menu for a simulated 4-month trip to Mars or the moon.  The goal is to help NASA determine the best way to keep astronauts well-fed during these l…
Cooking a Perfect Steak Is All in the Touch — Woo’s World
I happen to be a food junkie. I love to experiment. Love thinking outside the pot, love cooking for family and friends. I watch most of the cooking shows. My husband once told me I had 21 cooking shows recorded. Somewhere along the way I discovered the very best way to grill a st…

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