SHREVEPORT, LA, December 20, 2011: Shreveport Public

Assembly & Recreation (SPAR) announces Money Matters and Health

Smart Classes for senior citizens, starting in 2012. The first

classes will be held at A. B. Palmer Community Center, 547 East

79th Street, from 9:00 - 11:00am, each Tuesday from January 10,

2012 thru April 10, 2012. The second classes will be held at

Hattie Perry Community Center, 4300 Ledbetter Street, from 9:00

to 11:00am each Wednesday from January 11, 2012 thru April 11,


The classes are free for active senior citizens who want to

put additional money in their pockets, intelligently read labels

on food items and improve their reading comprehension. The

classes will focus on understanding labels on food items that

can help improve health and save money.

The classes will also cover such items, as letting the

“credit card work for you”; which is better “debit or credit”;

how to keep track of your money; reading and understanding the

prescription, etc. Speed reading and comprehension will be

offered for those that know how to read, but, either don’t like

reading and/or have limited reading skills.

For additional information call A. B. Palmer Community

Center at 318.673.5335, Hattie Perry Community Center at

318.673.7810 or Camille Webb, Supervisor of Senior Programs, at