Have you received an alert on your smartphone that reads "carrier upgrades now available"? Maybe you have checked your notification settings and found something that you never noticed before. If you have, then you already know all phone carriers are installing Federal Notifications on your smart phone. If you have yet to see any changes, Rush Limbaugh says it's only a matter of time.

"You'll get that blue alert box that says you now have a carrier update, it's been installed and you click 'okay' and it goes away. You find whether or not you've had it in notifications," says Rush.

Think about it: It appears very easy to get into a personal handheld device and make changes without permission or even advanced knowledge of it happening. You do, however, have the option of turning these alerts off.

There is an extra feature, however, that you will receive no matter what.

"The presidential alert is any time Obama wants to talk to you. . .that ability now exists for the president of the United States to send out emergency text messages essentially to every telephone. . .The Presidential Alert. You can't turn that off," explains Limbaugh.

[via rushlimbaugh.com]