The Shreveport Fire Department was called to the scene of commercial building fire at 10:18 p.m. in the Highland community. The Olive Street Bistro, 1027 Olive Street, a favorite eating spot for local residents, was in engulfed in flames and intense smoke.

Firefighters arrived at 10:22 p.m. to find heavy flames spewing from the roof near the rear of the building. The first fire crew entered the building through the rear; however, the On-Scene Incident Commander quickly ordered firefighters to a defensive fire attack because of the rapid rate in which the fire was spreading. An additional fire crew was called in to assist. It took 10 fire companies nearly two hours to get the fire under control.

The restaurant manager told fire officials that the business was closed Sunday and Monday, but that he had been there into the late evening preparing for an upcoming event. The origin and cause of the fire remains under investigation. The building is considered a total loss. There were no reported injuries.

We've heard the fire did some damage to a house next door to the restaurant.