The Red River Waterway Commission's agreement to fund a $280,000 dog park on the Riverfront in Shreveport is set for a vote by the Shreveport City Council.It looked like the proposal would be delayed until September after problems arose with some of the wording in the resolution.

Dog Park Alliance President Cynthia Keith told KEEL News that because old maps were used to draw up the resolution, it had a mistake in the number of acres of park land.

It originally proposed  5.7 acres for the park instead of  the revised 7.5 acres.

Keith said the wording apparently will be changed in time for the council to hold a first reading on the agreement Tuesday night.  The vote would come at the next meeting.

The spokeswoman says the wording will be changed at tomorrow's council meeting to reflect the correct amount of acreage for the dog park.

The Red River Waterway Commission has agreed to fund a place for dogs and people to enjoy leisurely walks on the Riverfront, but Mayor Cedric Glover has been on record as opposing a dog park.

He has said he doesn't really have anything against a dog park, but that other projects are a priority. Even if the council approves the agreement at the next meeting after Tuesday's, the mayor still has to give his approval.