SPD booking photo

A woman’s nursing a gunshot wound and her brother’s in jail – following a Sunday afternoon shooting near Woodlawn High School.  Police were called just after 1:30 to the intersection of Wyngate Boulevard and Windsor Drive where they found two vehicles with bullet holes in them.  When 19-year-old Quadarius Davis ran from the scene, officers chased him to a nearby liquor store where he was apprehended without incident.  Officers also recovered a .45 calibre handgun that they say he had attempted to hide in a bin filled with ice and cold drinks.  He was subsequently booked into the Shreveport City Jail on one count of illegal use of a weapon.  Officers located 19-year-old Jaquita Davis at her mother’s home – suffering from a grazing bullet wound to the posterior.  She was treated by Fire Department medics but not taken to the hospital.  Police believe several men were fighting in the street when the shots were fired.  They're trying now to identify and apprehend them.