Just after midnight on Oct. 1, the US federal government shut down after Congress failed to agree on a budget plan, leaving more than one million people working without pay and many more wondering what exactly this event entails.

Here are some services and operations that will be closed, unavailable or otherwise affected during the government shutdown.

According to USA.gov, the following are some of the results of the government shutdown:

  • Services that ensure seniors and young children have access to healthy food and meals
  • Call centers, hotlines and regional offices that provide info on veteran benefits
  • Benefit availability to veterans, including pension and education, may be cut off
  • All national parks and monuments are closed
  • Small businesses looking for loans and loan guarantees will not have their applications reviewed
  • National Institutes of Health will no longer accept new patients for clinical trials
  • Research into life-threatening diseases and other areas will stop
  • The EPA will halt non-essential inspections of chemical facilities and drinking water systems
  • Child product safety to financial security to the safety of hazardous waste facilities will cease.
  • Permits and reviews for planned energy and transportation projects will stop
  • Loans to rural communities will stop
  • Hundreds of thousands of Federal employees will work without pay
  • Hundreds of thousands of additional federal workers will be furloughed without pay