Senator Ted Cruz proposed an immigration bill barring illegal immigrants from ever obtaining citizenship in the United States. Why do democrats not agree with such a bill? Because they would lose valuable, free-living voters, says Rush Limbaugh.

A story from US News & World Report states, "There are an estimated 11 million people living in the country illegally, and a bipartisan immigration reform measure would create a pathway to citizenship over the course of 13 years by requiring those people to pay penalties and back taxes, as well as learn English."

Rush explains a proposal that he made before, saying "Okay, we'll support amnesty on this program with one proviso, and that is that everybody granted amnesty can't vote for 25 years."

This, says Limbaugh, is "purity -- meaning standing fast to principles." And this purity is what leads to the Republican party losing elections.

Bottom line is that no one cares what these people -- the 11 million here illegally -- do while they are here. Politicians are looking at these people as voters. Just voters.