He purposes to hold the mainstream media to the highest possible standard of journalism excellence. Though, more often than not, even exercising patience, Rush find he is let down repeatedly by the many members and groups of the Fourth Estate. The Dean of the Limbaugh Institute for Advanced Conservative Studies has uncovered an energy related story that could rock the foundation of "green energy" concerns.

“A man who pioneered the first hybrid cars, the “Father of the Prius,” Takeshi Uchiyamada has an announcement. He now says the billions that have been poured into developing battery-powered electric vehicles have been spent in vain.”

Rush notes Uchiyamada, whom he dubbed “Father Prius” doesn’t think it is a problem that can be solved.  America’s Truth Detector reveals the un-insulated, shocking statement he is certain the Driveby Media will likely not report. Father Prius says “We need something entirely new.”

“Father Prius is admitting (what) I’ve been telling your for 15 years or more. Except for golf carts on golf courses, electric cars are never going to replace real cars that run of fossil fuels…provided by Big Oil. Electric cars are duds.”

 [via: rushlimbaugh.com]