Commander-in-Chief of the Ditto Head Nation can find his way into some rather advantageous observation posts. Such is the post he found himself on regarding why the present state of some quarters of the nation’s Fourth Estate are in such a shabby state.

Rush was an invited sideline guest prior to a NFL 2012 Season November Sunday night game between the Steelers and the Ravens.

“It happened to be Steelers alumni weekend, which means that a bunch of former players were in town as guests of the Steelers. So it was a fun sideline," says Rush.

This story is an aside to the observation America’s Truth Detector makes about American journalists, but it’s the bulk of “the sports reporter story. I got people reminding me that I promised to tell you.”

And the short version is that several years previous, El Rushbo was greeted on another sideline visit by Steelers then nose guard Chris Hoke, who also greeted him on this past November during the Steelers' Alumni weekend.

Rush says as he watched the pregame activity on the field, when Hoke came up to him, it took a few minutes to realize it was Hoke talking to him because Hoke had lost 120 pounds from his game weight.

Suffice it to say that even in the throes of momentary forgetfulness, All Seeing, All Knowing Ma Ha Rushee’s powers of observation were not dimmed as the conversation with Hoke reached its terminus and Rush returned his attention to the pre-game activity of the teams on the field.

“I'm watching all this…the (Steelers and Ravens) come out…lined up in the order they must be in. Before this they’re yukking it up, laughing and throwing the football around. But that's when the serious pregame begins. No media is permitted, and I look out there, and there is a woman running around on the field. She's running around kissing and hugging these players, the Steelers, while they're in the middle of the beginning of the official pregame…I’m looking out there and I recognize who this is.”

Professional courtesy seems to be the tenet that binds Rush to “…not tell you (who it is) because the point here is not to embarrass anybody.”

The immediate thought he says he has is that this female journalist is on the field with a camera crew getting news.

“But there was no camera crew and there was no microphone, and there was no notepad, and there was no pencil. She was just running around hugging people and giving them kisses on the cheek…I'm gonna start looking at reports on the Steelers from this reporter a little bit differently."

All Compassionate Ma Ha Rushee wants us to understand, though, that the behavior of this journalist is not as big a deal as (believed), however:

“…it's … a story about journalism and how these people are socializing, becoming close friends -- and sometimes even more -- with the people they report on…The lines get blurred, the lines you shouldn't cross… That leads to explanations of who has access and who doesn't and how they get the access. I'm sure that she (was) just wishing them a happy Thanksgiving. I'm sure that that's all that was going on.”