Rush Limbaugh engages in many of the same activities as others, including watching TV and following celebrities. He recently interviewed Peabody Award-winning international film and television star Nick Searcy about what it's like being a conservative in Hollywood.

After exchanges of pleasantries about Searcy’s work, Limbaugh turned the talk to a subject not in the forefront of everyday conversation, but one easily recognized: how Hollywood deals with and treats actors who have conservative ideals.

"Hollywood is perceived as the haven for people, who are Democrats and liberals, and you're pretty public with your conservatism, and yet you get your roles. You get jobs," said Limbaugh. "Have you found it a problem for you personally?"

"I know plenty of actors here who have stories that they know about, that either powerful stars of the movie or producers who found out that they were contributors to Republican candidates or whatever shut 'em down," said Searcy. "I mean, I know that it happens."

Rush turned to his primary interest: sharing with listeners his admiration for Searcy’s work in general, which includes the actor's own brand of “acting school."

"I'm just a fan," Limbaugh said. "I don't know how to rate what you do professionally. All I am is a consumer. But I have to tell you that everybody that I know loves this show. You all look like you're having a ball doing it. You all look like you're really totally immersed in it, that nobody's phones it in."

Searcy also shared a funny story that happened while he was working on the set of the FX show "Justified."

"We were doing a scene, Tim Olyphant and I, and I had my phone in my pocket. And of course, like every decent American, I have the Rush 24/7 app," Searcy said. "As I was walking through the office during the scene, somehow my pants brushed up against the wrong button on the iPhone and your voice started playing during the scene."

Searcy said that his colleague chided him for Limbaugh's unexpected vocal appearance, joking "now Rush Limbaugh is on the show."

Searcy revealed that Olyphant wouldn't answer when asked if he was a Rush listener.

"That's hilarious," Limbaugh said.

Watch a clip of "Acting School with Nick Searcy"