In a recent Obama speech in Connecticut, the president dropped a line that should go down in the books. At a rally in West Hartford, Conn. about gun violence in his speech, Obama made a comment that stirred up the minds of supporters and non-supporters alike, conveying American parents' attitudes toward gun violence with the line: "Let's make it a little harder for our kids to get gunned down."

Rush took a stand against this comment, calling it "not presidential," adding "this is disgusting and it's another illustration of the Limbaugh Theorem."

In further argument, El Rushbo brought up how Obama had added before the memorable quote that "this is not about politics."

"Right. A Politician. The country's leading Politician. The country's craftiest Politician, the country's most adept Politician, the country's slickest Politician, says, 'This isn't about politics,'" Rush said.

Watch President Obama's Speech on Gun Violence