We found it in the toy department at a local Walmart and, to be honest, were completely stunned! We're talking about the newest incarnation of Play Dough: Poo Dough! And yes, the name says it all.

That's right, Poo Dough! And here's how it's described by its makes on their website:

'Make and Shape Your Own Poo! Add the Poo Dough to the Mold and Make Your Own Poo-Shaped Creations. Includes 2 Canisters of Brown Poo Dough (to Make the Perfect Color) and 1 Canister of Yellow (to Create Corn and Peanut Accessories). Looks like the Real Thing...Smells Much Better!'

By the way, if you're headed out the door to your favorite toy store for your very own Poo Dough, it'll set you back about $10...and that may be what smells the most.