UPDATE:  Shreveport Police tell us 7-year-old Charles Daniel has been found safe.  No word yet on where he'd gone.  We're waiting on additional information.  Tune in to 710 KEEL for the latest.

Original story:

A little boy disappeared from his front yard in west Shreveport last night...and police are working to find him.

Detectives say 7-year-old Charles Daniel was being watched by a family member while his mother was at work. He had last been seen at about 8 last night playing in the front yard of his home on West 77th street. When his mother got back at 9, Charles was nowhere to be found. The family looked for him around the neighborhood for an hour-and-a-half before calling police.

Relatives tell investigators that Charles has never tried to run away before, and they have no idea where he might be. Take a look at his photo, and if you've seen him, call Shreveport police (673-2583) or Crime Stoppers (673-7373) immediately.