Effective June 1, 2012, the parking rates at Shreveport Regional Airport will increase for the first time since 2005.

On Thursday, May 17, the Shreveport Airport Authority voted to increase the parking lot rates for each of the three parking lots at Shreveport Regional Airport.  The rate increase in each lot will be 50 cents per day. 

Current Rates:

                                    QuickPark Lot -  $  9.50 per day

                                    Long Term Lot - $  8.50 per day

                                    Short Term Lot - $  7.50 per day 

New Rates, Effective June 1st, 2012: 

                                    QuickPark Lot - $ 10.00 per day

                                    Long Term Lot - $ 9.00 per day

                                    Short Term Lot -$ 8.00  per day 

A recent report produced by Unison Consulting ranked parking rates at Shreveport Regional Airport the lowest of 14 similarly-sized airports.  Currently, the average parking revenue per passenger was approximately $8 per day.  The average parking price at Shreveport Regional was approximately $5.50 per day.

The weekly rate will no longer be offered for the long-term lot.  Shreveport Regional Airport is one of the few remaining airports in the country with a weekly rate, according to studies completed by Larry Donoghue, an airport parking consultant, and Unison Consulting, Inc. 

“No one likes rate increases, including us at the airport, but unfortunately, with rising costs, we can no longer allow parking rates to remain as low as they have.  We hope the public understands that this small, incremental increase will help us do business better,” said Airport Authority Chairman Bishop L. Lawrence Brandon.