Facebook is a great place to reconnect with old friends, stay in touch with family, or even quickly communicate with a colleague or classmate. But what if it was just one big pool of potential dates?

A creepy prospect, right? A Facebook application designed by "an Ivy League graduate, a Carnegie Mellon engineer, and some random dude" is now available to take all of your friends and find out which ones are ready for you to date. It is called "On The Rebound" and it tries to be a tool for you to woo your boo. Well, know when to woo them to be exact.

It may be sweet to know when your crush is ready to try things out, but the creepier aspect of the app is that it tracks when your friends end their relationships and lets you know when to swoop in.

But this isn't just a list of friends who recently ended their relationship. Founders of the website tell NBC that they consulted relationship experts to find out when is the right time to approach a potential beau after their breakup and how age makes a difference in how people are during and after relationships.

However, there are obvious kinks in the system. Among the list of potential matches I got were my cousin and fellow colleague here at KEEL, Erin McCarty.

On The Rebound

The founders say on their site that the app is purely for entertainment purposes, but ask that if it does spark a new relationship to please email them.