A North DeSoto High School student is in some trouble after being caught having a weapon on campus.

Sheriff Rodney Arbuckle and DeSoto Schools Superintendent Cade Brumley say at around 9:30 this morning, a student notified a teacher that another student may have been in possession of a weapon. The information was relayed to sheriff's deputies who are assigned as School Resource Officers.

The deputies took action based on the information provided to them, and took the student into custody. A firearm was located. The sheriff's office wants the public to know the situation was handled promptly and no students or staff were believed to be in danger.

"This is an unfortunate situation and I'm very pleased with our system's response, as well as the continued support of police. I'm thankful that our staff and students have relationships where information can be shared that leads to the safety of everyone, Dr. Brumley said. "Our top responsibility is the safety of our people and we work year-round on proactive measures to prevent traumatic events in our schools. The handling of this situation, without incident, exemplifies why our diligence and training is so important."

There's no word on whether the student has been charged with any crime, or what punishment he/she might face.