In honor of the criminal who logged into his Facebook page while burglarizing a house and forgot to log out, here are a few more criminals who've earned nominations for the “Dumb Criminal Hall Of Fame”:

1) Permanent marker makes a lousy mask.  Apartment burglars drew their own masks but unfortunately when they got pulled over later, they couldn’t erase the guilty looks written all over their faces.

2) A horse cannot outrun a police a car, ever! Levi Detweiler was arrested for drunken driving after he tried to escape local officers, in his horse and buggy. The cops tried to arrest Levi after he ran a stop sign.

3) Getting out is harder than getting in. After failing to leave through the front door or the massive ceiling hole he made, this liquor store robber sits down to have a smoke and wait for the cops.

And believe it or not, these three are just the tip of the iceberg! To see the complete list of 'Contenders for the Dumb Criminal Hall of Fame', JUST CLICK HERE!