A new state law could cause a big increase in school bus costs and travel times.

The law, which takes effect next month, prohibits bus drivers from picking up or dropping off students in locations where they would have to cross traffic lanes.

Haughton State Representative Henry Burns told KEEL News this is basically what Bossier Parish is doing already.

"Student safety, of course, has to be key," Burns said. "You look at dollars and you don't want just not spend money and then take chances. There [are] always unintended consequences any time you pass a law."

Burns is on the education committee, and told us legislators will look at the new law and evaluate it.

"We did get a lot of calls from bus drivers and, luckily, my legislative assistant was a bus driver for 10 years," Burns said. "And we looked at it pretty hard, and from what we could tell, this law implements a program that's been in place in Bossier Parish for years and years and years."

Burns said if there's a huge impact in cost, lawmakers could revisit the law. Listen to Burns' complete interview: