The United States Supreme Court may hand down a ruling on President Obama's healthcare reform Thursday morning.  The president's plan is under fire and being challenged as unconstitutional because it comes as a mandate.

U.S. Congressman John Fleming of Minden is a physician. He tells KEEL News that the consensus is that the law will be struck down as illegal.  Fleming says there are several issues with the president's health care reforms.

For one,  there's no way to pay for such a massive plan.  Another problem, Fleming says, is the plan is mandated and it disregards individuals'  rights to choose their own insurance plans.  The freedom of choice and the free enterprise system of America as a marketplace of ideas is lost in this health care plan,  he says.

Fleming says he's a businessman who has provided insurance for people and that he's well aware of the issues involved. "It's such a personal choice...", Fleming said.

People should have the right to choose their own doctors and insurance plans because  health issues are so personal, says Fleming.  He says when it comes to handling issues like  cancer and deciding methods of treatment, you should have choices.

For more on the health care reform issue, stay with KEEL News.  We'll bring you the ruling from the Supreme Court when its handed down Thursday morning.