Natchitoches police officer Robert Barthelemy was apprehended early this morning by Louisiana state police following a two-hour standoff and high-speed chase that tore through multiple parishes. Barthelemy allegedly kidnapped a man, who is still missing.

Barthelemy, 33, allegedly kidnapped Tony Procell, 25, from his Sabine parish home on Tuesday (Aug. 20) morning. Surveillance footage showed Barthelemy forcing Procell into a vehicle at gunpoint.

Barthelemy was eventually tracked down via cellphone records obtained by police, but fled from authorities across multiple parishes. The chase ended on Highway 177 outside of Mansfield, where there was a standoff for nearly two hours between state police and Barthelemy. Despite being armed, the suspect surrendered peacefully; no shots were fired.

Procell has yet to be found by authorities. Helicopters, state police and Sheriff's deputies from Natchitoches, Sabine and DeSoto parishes are conducting the manhunt to find him.

According to Sabine Parish Sheriff Ronny Richardson, Barthelemy and Procell knew each other.

"The two men served together in the National Guard, and this looks to be a dispute over a woman," said Ronny Richardson, Sabine Sheriff.

Natchitoches Police Chief Mickey Dove told KEEL News that Barthelemy is on paid administrative leave while the criminal investigation continues.  He has been on the force since September 2011 and has had no prior issues while working in the department.

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