The movie that sparked a violent protest resulting in the death of a United States diplomat and three other Americans is irreverent, but not reason to kill. The movie trailer from "The Innocence of Muslims" offended Muslims when it was circulated over the Internet by portraying the prophet Mohammad as gay, a child molester, offensive and crude.

The film has been linked to a 55-year-old California man, who was on probation for financial crimes, including bank fraud. Reuters is reporting the Israeli filmmaker Nakoula Basseley of Los Angeles denies being involved in the movie, but media reports have linked him to the film. He supposedly used the alias Sam Bacile for the film.

It's also reported that Basseley is an extremist in his anti-Muslim views. He reportedly was  involved in protests in front of Islamic mosques and schools.  The actors in the film, which was made in California, said they were mislead about what the movie was about. The movie was edited with overdubbed inflammatory language that the actors said was not theirs.

What do you think about this film? Should it be banned, or does it fall under the umbrella of freedom of speech? Take the poll after viewing the trailer.

WARNING: This video contains graphic and offensive language and content.