A pile of new laws go into effect in Louisiana today (August 1).

You punch a referee at your child’s game? You will go to jail. Teenagers are also no longer allowed to use tanning salons. There are new limits on what your employer can do regarding your social media accounts.

There are several new laws on the books dealing with health care and health care options.

The family of Gwen Cox helped push through a package of law changes aimed at helping domestic violence victims in a state that leads the nation in domestic abuse deaths. Cox was murdered by her estranged husband earlier this year.

There are now new bail restrictions have been added in domestic abuse cases, certain types of domestic abuse crimes have reduced eligibility for parole or probation and those convicted of domestic abuse battery won’t be able to have a gun for a decade.

Your employer should know about this change which offers new protections on your personal email, social media and other online accounts. Employers and public schools can no longer demand access to your personal sites.
Parents will want to know about some of the education changes. Students now have to learn about sexual assault prevention. Teachers are also allowed to receive small gifts from students without violating the ethics code.

One law you probably don't care about is that the mayhaw tree is now Louisiana’s official fruit tree.