More people are using smartphones, in case you hadn't noticed.   In fact,  a Nielsen survey shows smartphones are now owned by the majority of people. 

The survey as of March, shows 50 %  of  mobile subscribers in the U.S. owned the device, and that's up from 47.8 % last December.  Of the majority of those who own the smartphones, the most are ages 25 to 34.  Or, another way of saying it is two out of three own them.

According to Nielsen, the top smartphone maker is Apple because of its iPhone, but the top operating system is  Android.

The smartphone is particularly attractive to adults age 25-34, with more than two out of three owning the mobile device.

The survey found 48.5% of smartphone owners had a device running on Android, followed by 32% running iOS. BlackBerry was a distant third with 11.6%.

I'm not sure why a study was done on this when you can clearly see people everywhere no longer  with phones at their ears but in their hands.  And they are always "touching" the screen. Have you noticed? Texting...playing games....making pictures bigger, taking pictures, making videos...

It's to the point that new laws are being made to govern the smartphones.  It's fast becoming illegal to use a cell phone while you're driving.  The State of Louisiana is working to ban them while driving. Other states already have.

And studies are showing that more teenagers are having accidents because they are messing with their cellphones while they're driving. They're also becoming addicted to their smartphones because they're addicted to social networking and smartphones are their mini "computers" to get on facebook, or twitter.

The big question I have is could you survive without  a smartphone? Take mine away for a day, and I might. Take mine away for week, and I'll might.. die.  But seriously, are we becoming dumber as our cell phones are becoming smarter?