Reports are just coming in that troubled country singer Mindy McCready has died of apparent suicide.  In a news story originating from Stacy McCloud, a reporter at FOX 17 in Nashville , who tweeted:

“A close family friend of Mindy McCready has informed me that the country singer has committed suicide.”

Shortly after this McCloud tweeted the following:

“The Mindy McCready suicide I told you about has now been confirmed from 4 different sources. A statement from the family is in the works.”

McCloud stated that she has spoken to the family of McCready and they have confirmed the news.

Andrea Canning, a correspondent for NBC News, has apparently also reported that McCready "“shot and killed herself this evening.”

McCready's troubles have been well publicized for the last several years including her addictions, the recent death of her boyfriend and her custody woes.  She was born Nov. 30, 1975.  This story is still developing and we'll have more info as it arises.