[UPDATE]  Shreveport Police Corporal Marcus Hines tells KEEL News there were only two alleged robbers in this morning's ATM shooting. And it's possible that a man dropped off at a local hospital, who later died, could be one of them.

Police are still investigating the incident.  We'll bring you additional updates as we get them. 

Tune in to 710 KEEL for details.

[ORIGINAL STORY]  A local man took matters into his own hands after several robbers get greedy. The man was at the Regions Bank ATM in the 1100 block of North Market shortly before 12:30 this morning, when three men approached him.

One of them pulled a handgun and demanded cash and the man handed over what he had. But the three robbers wanted more.

When the victim couldn't give them any, they ransacked his car looking for valuables. That's when the victim grabbed his handgun out of the car and fired shots at one of the suspects. He fell to the ground, then got back up and the three took off. The man tells officers he thinks he hit the suspect.

Police are still investigating.