More discussions about legalizing, or at least reducing the penalties against, marijuana in Louisiana.

The House Criminal Justice  will meet today to discuss the positives and negatives of legalizing marijuana here in the Pelican State.  Committee Chairman Joe Lopinto told the Louisiana Radio Network the meeting is to get more time to hear testimonies from interested parties.  The panel will also receive feedback from states that have legalized marijuana.

While legalizing marijuana would be interesting for the state, Lopinto didn't see a strong push to make it happen here.  However, there will also be discussion about decreasing penalties for possessing marijuana.

The Louisiana ACLU is calling on lawmakers to do something about the tough marijuana laws.  Louisiana ACLU Executive Director Marjorie Esman said the results of a poll last summer shows a majority would favor legalizing marijuana and even more would favor a lightened penalty of a $100 fine and no jail time for possessing pot.

Esman added that legislators are having this conversation because they are realizing the penalties for possessing marijuana are too stiff.

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