Baton Rouge Metropolitan Airport is one of many Louisiana airports tightening security after a 15-year-old boy was able to sneak onto a flight.

The boy hid in the 767's wheel well for the five-hour flight from San Jose, California to Hawaii.

The teen survived despite the jet reaching altitudes of up to 38,000 feet. To put that in perspective, Mount Everest is 29,002 feet tall. The stowaway was apprehended when the plane landed in Maui.

FAA records show that of the 105 people who stowed away on flights around the world over the last 67 years, only 25 lived through the ordeal -- a survival rate of 23.8 percent.

This incident is proving to be a black eye for U.S. airport security experts. Airport security officials are now focusing on just how the teen was able to penetrate the airport tarmac and enter the jet.

Baton Rouge Metropolitan Airport Police Chief Anthony Williams told WAFB TV, "I get emails on a daily basis saying 'okay, this happened to us. What do you guys have in place, and what can we do.'"

Williams pointed to the addition of more lights and security cameras at the airport, as well as security staff members, as strong deterrents for anyone considering a similar move.