A late-night shooting in west Shreveport lands a local teen in jail. At about 10 last night, patrol officers were called to a reported shooting in the 1700 block of Caroline Street. That's where they found a 14-year-old male suffering from what was described as a grazing gunshot wound to the head. He was taken to LSU Hospital for treatment. Detectives say the 14-year-old and a 15-year-old had been involved in an ongoing dispute. They say the 14-year-old was riding his bicycle on Caroline, when a vehicle pulled up beside him and the other teen fired a shot at him, knocking him off his bike. The 15-year-old kept shooting as the younger teen was running away. Based on initial statements from the victim, police were able to identify the shooter and take him into custody at a home on West 72nd Street. He was booked into the Caddo Juvenile Detention Center for attempted second-degree murder.