It wasn't that long ago when Sean Hannity threatened to leave New York.  And now, there's a group trying to get Hannity to stay.

Well, not really.

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart came out with a new website and video encouraging Hannity to stay in New York.

The video features celebrities like Nathan Lane and Tim Gunn, as well as random New Yorkers that one may assume would catch the ire of stereotypical conservatives.

Included in the parody video are: a gay couple promising Hannity they would only marry women just so that the radio and television show host would stay in is native New York; a halal food truck worker promising to only sell apple pies; and even a group of black men promising to cut off their hoodies to appease the radio show host.

While generally funny and an obvious sarcastic swipe at Hannity, Lane comes on at the end to say that no one really cares where the host actually lives and does his show.

Sean Hannity has said on his radio program on 710 KEEL that he can't leave New York now because of contracts that keep him in New York until 2016 as well as making sure his show staff is taken care of.



Hannity Threatens to Leave New York for Florida or Texas