Is he, or isn't he? That is the question we asked Congressman John Fleming regarding Mary Landrieu's senate seat. His answer?

"I'm considering it.  That decision has not been made yet."

Fleming has been slamming Senator Landrieu's stances on issues like Obamacare, gun control, and abortion, saying she has gone from being a moderate 'blue dog' Democrat, to a left-wing liberal.

"Senator Landrieu has definitely now become a part of the liberal wing of the Democratic Party," explained the Minden congressman. "I don't think that's good for the nation and I don't think that's good for Louisiana."

We asked about hypothetical primary challenger: fellow Republican Congressman Bill Cassidy.  Fleming said Cassidy is definitely interested in Landrieu's seat.

Yesterday, Cassidy announced he raised $500,000 in the first quarter of the year, two weeks before they are publicly released by the Federal Election Commission.

Fleming told 710 KEEL he acknowledges Cassidy's fundraising head start but also noted the help the Republicans have given the Baton Rouge congressman.

"He and I both ran for Congress in 2008 for the first time," Fleming said.  "He had the Republican Party helping him, I had to run against the Republican Party."

Fleming added that he has always been a position that puts him against Washington and that's a position he likes to be in.

Rep. Fleming talks about possibly running against Sen. Landrieu:

Rep. Fleming was asked about his thoughts on Rep. Cassidy also possibly seeking Sen. Landrieu's seat: