Check out a rundown of the 2012 High School Football season for Shreveport-Bossier


Fair Park BTW 8/30 Thursday Lee Hedges
Captain Shreve Green Oaks 8/31 Friday Lee Hedges
Southwood Notre Dame 8/31 Friday Northwood
North Caddo Northwood 8/31 Friday North Caddo
Evangel Huntington 9/1 Saturday Evangel
West Monroe Byrd 9/1 Saturday West Monroe
Haughton Woodlawn 8/31 Friday Haughton


Green Oaks Fair Park 9/6 Thursday Northwood
Northwood N. Webster 9/7 Friday Northwood
Huntington Bossier 9/6 Thursday Lee Hedges
Southwood Many 9/7 Friday Lee Hedges
North Caddo Oberlin 9/7 Friday North Caddo
Airline Richwood 9/7 Friday Richwood
Parkway Farmerville 9/7 Friday Parkway
Benton Haughton 9/7 Friday Haughton
Homer BTW 9/7 Friday Homer
Ouachita Captain Shreve 9/7 Friday Ouachita
Neville Woodlawn 9/7 Friday Neville
Marshall Byrd 9/8 Saturday Independence


BTW Cedar Creek 9/13 Thursday Independence
Byrd Fair Park 9/13 Thursday Lee Hedges
Captain Shreve Huntington 9/14 Friday Lee Hedges
Southwood North Desoto 9/14 Friday Independence
Airline Alexandria 9/14 Friday Airline
Green Oaks Northwood 9/14 Friday Northwood
Parkway Lakeside 9/14 Friday Parkway
Benton Natchitoches Central 9/14 Friday Benton
Bossier Bolton 9/14 Friday Bossier
Haughton Minden 9/14 Friday Haughton
Plain Dealing North Caddo 9/14 Friday Plain Dealing
Bastrop Woodlawn 9/14 Friday Bastrop


Byrd Ruston 9/20 Thursday Lee Hedges
Northwood Southwood 9/20 Thursday Northwood
Green Oaks Huntington 9/21 Friday Northwood
Captain Shreve Natchitoches 9/21 Friday Lee Hedges
Airline Woodlawn 9/21 Friday Airline
Parkway Minden 9/21 Friday Minden
Merryville North Caddo 9/21 Friday Merryville
Red River BTW 9/21 Friday Red River
Union Fair Park 9/21 Friday Union
Benton North Desoto 9/21 Friday North Desoto
Bossier North Webster 9/21 Friday North Webster
Haughton West Ouachita 9/21 Friday West Ouachita


Southwood Benton 9/27 Thursday Independence
Huntington Peabody 9/28 Friday Independence
Woodlawn Captain Shreve 9/28 Friday Lee Hedges
Green Oaks BTW 9/28 Friday BTW
North Caddo Lakeview 9/28 Friday North Caddo
Airline Neville 9/28 Friday Neville
Bossier Northwood 9/28 Friday Bossier
Haughton Fair Park 9/28 Friday Haughton
Parkway Loyola 9/28 Friday Parkway
Byrd Open


Home Visitor Date Day Location
Fair Park Minden 10/4 Thursday Independence
Woodlawn Northwood 10/4 Thursday Lee Hedges
Captain Shreve Airline 10/5 Friday Lee Hedges
BTW Evangel 10/5 Friday BTW
Mansfield North Caddo 10/5 Friday Mansfield
Red River Green Oaks 10/5 Friday Red River
Benton Huntington 10/5 Friday Benton
Parkway Southwood 10/5 Friday Parkway
Haughton Byrd 10/5 Friday Haughton
Bossier Block 10/5 Friday Block


Byrd Parkway 10/11 Thursday Lee Hedges
Airline Haughton 10/12 Friday Airline
Woodlawn Minden 10/12 Friday Lee Hedges
Northwood Benton 10/12 Friday Northwood
North Caddo Evangel 10/12 Friday North Caddo
Southwood Captain Shreve 10/12 Friday Independence
Bossier Lakeview 10/12 Friday Bossier
Huntington Fair Park 10/13 Saturday Independence
Calvary BTW 10/13 Friday Calvary
Ringgold Green Oaks 10/13 Friday Ringgold


Green Oaks North Desoto 10/18 Thursday North Desoto
Northwood Fair Park 10/19 Friday Northwood
Airline Parkway 10/19 Friday Airline
Byrd Southwood 10/19 Friday Lee Hedges
BTW Mansfield 10/19 Friday BTW
Bossier Loyola 10/19 Friday Messmer Stadium
Springhill North Caddo 10/19 Friday Springhill
Minden Huntington 10/19 Friday Minden
Haughton Captain Shreve 10/19 Friday Haughton
Benton Woodlawn 10/19 Friday Benton


Fair Park Woodlawn 10/25 Thursday Independence
Southwood Airline 10/25 Thursday Lee Hedges
Haughton Parkway 10/25 Thursday Parkway
Captain Shreve Byrd 10/26 Friday Lee Hedges
Huntington Northwood 10/26 Friday Northwood
North Caddo BTW 10/26 Friday North Caddo
Bossier Green Oaks 10/26 Friday Bossier
Benton Minden 10/26 Friday Minden


Woodlawn Huntington 11/1 Thursday Lee Hedges
Green Oaks Loyola 11/1 Thursday Northwood
Northwood Minden 11/2 Friday Northwood
Captain Shreve Parkway 11/2 Friday Lee Hedges
BTW N. Webster 11/2 Friday BTW
Calvary North Caddo 11/2 Friday Calvary
Bossier North DeSoto 11/2 Friday North DeSoto
Benton Fair Park 11/2 Friday Benton
Haughton Southwood 11/2 Friday Haughton
Airline Byrd 11/2 Friday Airline