Many of you may have headed into work yesterday morning, seen one price, left and saw another.

Yep, gasoline prices are on the rise again.

The gasoline stations near our station started yesterday in the $3.17-3.21 range, but ended in the day around $3.30.

The market-wide average today according to AAA is $3.32 per gallon, up from $3.28 yesterday and $3.25 last week.

Oil prices have climbed up to about $105 per barrel this morning, likely a reason for the rise in gas price increases.

Texarkana, AR, drivers are paying $3.36 per gallon on average this morning, up from $3.30  yesterday and $3.28 last week.

Texas-side drivers are paying $3.38 per gallon.  That's up from $3.32 yesterday, $3.31 a week ago.