St. Patrick's Day is this coming Sunday and you can celebrate with us in the Patty in the Plaza!  There is bound to be some soda bread, corned beef, and even some beer consumed for the holiday.

According to, St. Patrick's Day has been celebrated over 1,000 years as the saint's religious feast day and anniversary of his death.  Since St. Patrick's Day falls during the Lenten season, St. Patrick's Day is the one day where those observing Lent can consume beef with a traditional meal of Irish bacon and cabbage.

So who is Saint Patrick?  Saint Patrick is the patron saint of Ireland and is best known for explaining the Holy Trinity through a shamrock.  He lived during the fifth century and is believed to have died on March 17, 461.

St. Patrick's Day is celebrated all around the world, but primarily in the United States, Canada, and Australia.  Although this holiday may be known for drinking, in Ireland, the holiday has traditionally been a religious holiday.  So much so that until the 1970s, laws mandated that pubs be closed on March 17th.