Everyone knew who Frank Page was when I came into the Clear Channel building back in 2003.  Everyone but me.  I might have heard his name a time or two in years before, but I knew little of just how big a personality he was in the radio world.

Everyone knows "Father Frank" was the voice of the Louisiana Hayride on KWKH in the 50's.  They know he introduced Elvis Presley to Shreveport.  They know of all his accomplishments over the years.  What I learned of his history, I read in his book "Elvis: The Hayride Years 54-56."  I've got it.  And it's autographed.  He did a book-signing at Southern Maid Donuts on Greenwood Road (historic man at a historic place) just a year into my radio career.  I wasn't even a full-time employee yet, and had many hopes of getting even thiiiiiis close to being as important a local personality as he was.  I'm not sure that's even possible.

What do I know about Frank Page?  I hesitated to write this, because the answer is simply...not that much.  And yet, I know a lot that I couldn't read about in any book.  I know he was kind, authoritative, caring, intelligent, persistent.  A commanding personality, but the nicest guy you'll ever meet.  He was what I'd call "a fun, old guy."  With an awesome smile.  Not to mention...he was very, VERY tall. 

Mr. Page was in the sales department when I entered this building I now call my second home.  He was good at what he did.  But everybody knows...that voice of his that was one of his best assets.  That, and his attitude...always positive.  I'm proud to have known him.  I want to be at his funeral to honor him.  Everyone here will miss him.

Thoughts and prayers to the Page family.  We say goodbye to a legend.