Somebody has made off with a whole pallet of Colt AR-15 semi-automatic rifles.  

They were shipped from Hartford, Connecticut, to a local gun distributor, but they disappeared from Con-Way Freight on Industrial Drive sometime between October 12th and 14th.  To date, none of the $800 each guns have been recovered but four men have been arrested and charged.  21-year-old Cameron Johnson of Keithville, 22-year-old Luther Williams, Junior, of Shreveport and 44-year-old James Minor, Junior, of Keithville are all charged with theft of a firearm.  31-year-old David McNeil of Keithville was arrested for illegal possession of stolen things.  None of the men were employees of Con-Way Freight.

The guns are described as black in color with a law enforcement carbine and 16-inch barrel.  If you've recently bought a gun like this from someone other than a licensed gun dealer, you're asked to contact Caddo Sheriff's Detectives Bill Rehak or Russell Hicks at 675-2170 or Crime Stoppers at 673-7373.

CPSO booking photo of James Minor
CPSO booking photo of Luther Williams
CPSO booking photo of David McNeil