Tharold Simon was in his home town of Eunice, La. Thursday night when he was arrested for intimidating a police officer. He was also suspended from LSU in 2011 with Tyrann Mathieu and Spencer Ware when all three of them tested positive for synthetic marijuana.

A police officer asked Simon to move his vehicle which was blocking Beulah Street, Simon said, "I own Eunice," and "I'm gonna buy these projects and you are gonna be mine," according to the report.

Tharold Simon's car was blocking Beulah Street in his home town of Eunice, Louisiana. A police officer asked him to move it and Simon replied, "I own Eunice, I'm gonna buy these projects and you are gonna be mine."

Now here's the fun part. The mayor of Eunice, Louisiana had already planed a ceremony for Friday night to declare April 26 as "Tharold Simon Day." The ceremony is to celebrate Simon declaring early for the NFL draft, and the mayor expects him to be selected this weekend.

This has to be the worst timing in the world, getting arrested the day before your home town honors you because you're about to move up to the NFL.

As far as we know, "Tharold Simon Day" is still a go.